For the past four decades, I've practiced as a clinical psychologist. However, I also came to view my role as a consultant on life issues, a coach and a guide. I prefer understanding people's struggles within the context of their complicated lives, rather than labeling them with some mental disorder (a common practice in the field of psychotherapy). Unlike the medical model, I prefer focusing on emotional and spiritual health, as well as prevention, rather than pathology and brokenness. Building on strengths is an effective way to make effective changes.  I also believe that optimism is an essential ingredient for a healthy life. 

Many of the complaints, pains and hardships that trouble the average person don't stem from deep-seated problems, defective genes, or chemical imbalances.  A complex interplay of bio-psycho-social factors shape our lives.  Hence, emotional healing must be approached from a holistic perspective.  Self-knowledge, gratitude, and compassion are a pathway to wisdom, freedom and happiness.   Learning to live in the "here and now" is also a key ingredient. While we learn from the past, we can not live in the past.

This treatment philosophy has been on my website for many years.  In
December 2015, I decided to retire from my private practice of clinical psychology and to become available as a Life Coach sometime in mid 2016.  Coaching will allow people who do not need traditional psychotherapy and would prefer a more confidential coaching relationship to maintain their total privacy.  Life coaching is not psychological treatment and does not qualify for coverage under health insurance.   

In summary, most people can live, love, and enjoy their work/life better through the process of consulting an expert from time to time. In an era when community and extended family ties are weakened and holders of wisdom have lost their traditional rolls, my mission is to contribute to the collective psychological /spiritual/ health and education of individuals. I help people, one person at a time, discover and move toward fully living their life purpose and dreams.

Ginger E. Blume, Ph.D.