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Ginger E. Blume, Ph.D.

I recall reading one time that there is a dramatic difference between a commitment of 99% and a commitment of 100%. With 100%, you will work on your problems all the way through to their solutions. With only 99% commitment, you will find a way to take the path of least resistance, abandoning ship before you reach port! In short, whenever we leave ourselves an “out,” even a tiny out, we take energy away from fully resolving problems in our lives. Let's examine how we can all make major shifts in our lives by using this simple distinction between totally committing or partially committing.

Let's begin by asking, “How does one make a 100% commitment?” Instead of “trying” to make a commitment, you need to consciously choose to “make” a commitment. This key decision is what sets everything into motion. This decision places you on your path with a positive mindset. Your attitude becomes one of searching for the good in something and building on that good, instead of searching for the negative and using that as evidence that you don't have to put effort into finding a resolution. 
Honestly, it is always easier to just abandon a situation or person your not happy with the minute a problem arises. But a life style of quick solutions or quick band aids will, in the long run, provide you with little satisfaction. When we refuse to tough out difficulties, we never build a personal sense of resilience. Without this confidence in our ability to handle difficulties, we will usually walk away from problems and never learn that we can handle things if we just use our full effort. 

Resilience is what allows people to make commitments. The concept of “trying” implies a little bit of effort. Embedded in “trying,” is permission to stop trying if things aren't happening fast enough. In our ADHD society, we want things now; we want things our way; we don't focus our energies; we switch from one thing to another; etc. We've drifted away from the importance of committing totally 

It is always better to build on our strengths, rather than our weaknesses. This is true in most all arenas of life.