In The SpotLight ( is the home of No More Stage Fright Workshops and In the SpotLight book and CD, authored by Janet Esposito, MSW, to help people overcome fear of public speaking and performing. 

Personality Type ( is a site devoted to information about the Myers Briggs Type Inventory. It offers free type testing, type descriptions, and more. The authors of books, Do What You 
Are and Just Your Type host this great site.

American Psychological Association ( is the largest of the national associations of psychologists. This site has many useful articles on mental health, resources, and general information for the public. 

Great Connecticut ( is a comprehensive directory and guide to everything in Connecticut.

American Academy of Sleep Medicine ( has a list of its accredited sleep centers and labs.  To find a sleep center near you, visit  or call 708-492-0930.  

National Sleep Foundation ( has a wealth of information, including quizzes to assess your sleep habits and tips on how to get good sleep.

National MS Society
Has information on Multiple Sclerosis.

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  Russ Harris's highly-acclaimed ACT workshops have been held all over ... (To download the first two chapters of the 'ACT MADE SIMPLE' textbook at no cost ...

                          Academic Assistance

American Chronic Pain Association

Divorce Central

Divorce Info

Divorce Support

Divorce:  understanding for children

Divorce:  co-parenting educational website (free help)

Parenting: free, confidential, and interactive website
for divorcing and divorced parents.

Children/teens:  CD resources for children who are coping with anxiety, stress, anger, and more

Grieving support for children, teens, & young adults

Resources for Post Partum Depression:

Children and Allowance:

National Institute of Mental Health

Parents and education

The Ultimate Guide to College Prep"--- 

Parenting (gay and lesbian issues):

The emotional needs of gifted children.

Dads: sound advice for expectant or current fathers

Psychology Information Online

Free meditation and relaxation tapes:

Free instruction for coping with anxiety attacks & video of deep breathing teachnique:

Deep Breathing video:

TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design). Talks are presented by Nobel laureates, past political leaders, and just plain interesting folks. Each talk is only twenty minutes long. Many are cutting-edge.

Bernie Siegel's support group in Windsor,CT 

North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement (828) 251-6140 or

How to have a positive impact in the world after retirement.  

The Parents Foundation (residential treatment located in New Haven, CT.

Gilead Community Services (residential and shared apts):

Menopause support and information (Susan Love, M.D.):

Cancer information for women: Factual information with a lot of great links.

Infertility information: how to cope with the emotional impact of infertility, plus information on all family-building options.

General health (Mehmet Oz, M.D.) women's health advice and fact sheets on numerous topics:

General psychological information:

Group therapy locator:

Addiction help:

Suicide hot line:
# 1-800- SUICIDE (784-2433)

National Suicide Prevention:
1-800-273-TALK (8255)

www.The Boomer’s Guide to Aging 

Nursing homes, hospices, and end-of-life resources including 
books, websites, etc:

Nursing homes, hospices, and end-of-life resources including books, websites, etc:

Caregiver's resources (excellent site):

Alzheimer's Association:

​GPS device for family member with Alzheimer's Disease:

Elder Health info Forms:

EFT (information videos and free e-book):

Trichotillomania Learning Center (support for hair pullers and skin pickers).       Phone 831.457.1004     E-mail:

Psychological education on multitude of topics:

There are several free groups that work with pregnancy loss:  

MIS (miscarriage, infant loss, and stillbirth)

The Veterans Crisis Line is a free and confidential source of mental health support and referrals, available 24/7/365. Veterans and their families are encouraged to call 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1.
Chat online at, or text to 838255 to speak with qualified VA professionals.

Center for Mental Health Services (adults/teens/parents)

Transgender Resources

Time Managemeent: skills time management

The Kids of Transgender Resource Guide.

Advice for Mothers with babies:

Student Resources for Coping with Stress:

Suicide Resource: